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Details are what make a gift truly unique. We offer you our experience and a selected team of craftsmen, in order to make your gift becoming a unforgettable memory.

When you aim to thank your business partners leaving a unforgettable memory, offers you a wide selection of elegant and design objects. Business gifts that stand out being as precious as functional. We support you in the choice of a gift idea that will be aligned to your goals. Our engraving, embossing and packaging services will allow us to make your corporate gifts even more unique, original and, at the end of the day, memorable On our side are more than 30 years spent supporting our corporate clients in choosing the most appropriated gift to communicate the desired message. Do you want more information? Do you have any question? Contact us

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30 years-experience in premium gifts for the professionals
We started in 1982 as a family business, with some shops in the Venice area and we still own and run them with the same passion of 30 years ago.

Thanks to this online gift store we finally brought to a wider public the experience we developed in our stores. On our webshop you will be able to follow either a classic or a modern taste, choosing among a wide selection of unique and original gifts. In this online store, as well as in our shops, we take care of your business look in all its details: from the fine writing instruments you will write with, till the laptop computer bags you will use at work, till the wallets, umbrellas and wristwatches you will be wearing. Are you going to travel? In our shop you can match your style with the best wheeled computer bags. Are you willing to improve your office look, here we have a selection of office paintings and unique wall clocks. All of this is at your service.

Our shops are places where the visitor can touch and disassemble the pen he likes, where he can smell the leather of the bag he loves, where the personal relationship with our shop assistants is king.

By jealously preserving this "soul" we are able to bring to you the best product in the best way and we just hope we will be able to make you feel it, as if you were in one of our boutiques.

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