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A STORE WITH A MISSION "Being the one-stop reference for premium gifts for the professionals"

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Some key facs

We are a store for premium gifts
We have been doing this for 30+ years, since 1982
We work worldwide, with a website in 4 languages
We strive for the best customer service ever
We believe in quality, security, service

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a global store
4 languages
worldwide express delivery
free shipping in Italy
flat rate delivery worldwide
custom duties often paid by us
certified servers
paypal payments
30 years heritage
email reply in 24h
engraving service
1:1 personal assistance
20 days returns
24h delivery in Italy
48h delivery in Europe
36h delivery Worldwide

Beyond the "Brick and Mortar"

We started in 1982 as a family business, with some shops in the Venice area and we still own and run them with the same passion of 30 years ago.

Nowadays, in our firm two souls meet. On one hand the organizational, technological and logistic structure needed to fulfill our promise: speed, service, security. On the other hand, the unique atmosphere of a boutique where you can touch and disassemble the pen you like, where you can smell the leather of the bag you love, where the personal relationship with our shop assistants is king. By jealously preserving the latter soul we are able to bring to you the best product in the best way and we just hope we will be able to make you feel it, as if you were in one of our boutiques.

How do we differentiate? Why to choose us?

We are fast

We simplify your search

You ask we solve. Quickly

We make your gifts impressive

We sit next to you for the whole process

We give you thematic shops in the shop

We give you extra content and assistance

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