Eco policy

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Eco policy

We are aware of the role played by the environment
in our lives and, subsequently, of the way the firm should operate.
We therefore present you hereby our way of doing business
and our small contribution to the environmental protection.

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Our aim is to bring directly to your home the prestigious gifts you wish. Transportation is therefore a key, as well as an environmentally delicate part of our business.

1. By purchasing online, CO2 emissions are reduced. This is because the customers are not going to the shop with their cars, but the vendor is delivering the items according to optimized routes. Several studies (i.e. Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute) proved the environmental benefits of e-commerce.

2. We entrust DHL with our deliveries. DHL is the ideal partner, being highly involved in environmental issues (it signed the UN Global compact, it has the ISO 14001certification)

3. We use a small package in order to minimize the space took on board of ships, planes, trucks and consequently our environmental impact.

Eco policy

1. All our documentation, both internal and external, is printed on recycled paper. Moreover we aim to reduce the quantity of printed-paper used in our internal process by largely adopting electronic formats and instruments.

2. For all our communications (newsletter, invoices, etc.) we choose the electronic format in order to reduce waste and to help the planet.

3. We use a catalogue of good daily practices to reduce waste produced by the usual daily activities and our thoughtlessness.

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