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Comelity promotes high-quality Italian leather handbags created by best local manufacturers. These world known brands offer unique look on handbag fashion and leather production but what they all have in common is love of beauty, passion for individual authentic images and adherence to Made in Italy quality mark.

Comelity brings wide choice of carefully selected leather handbags “Made in Italy” that will certainly fulfill your lifestyle and individual taste. Our collections represent handbag as an exclusive fashion accessory as well as an essential companion in everyday life, at work, at school, in travel.

We have separated our bag collections into different sections, with reference to function and style in order to ease your research and choice. The business section is dedicated to those professionals, students, workers, who are looking for a functional business bag, laptop computer bag, a backpack or a tablet case. While the men and women sections are dedicated to leisure focusing on Italian made man purses and shoulder bags as well as women handbags.

We pay a lot of attention to  Brand section  with a  special compilation of Italian leather handbags , focusing on high quality materials and authentic style. Once you choose your bag, you just have to wait comfortably at home for it to be delivered - we take care of everything! Discover now all our selection of Italian handbags and purses - buying online is fast, easy and secure!

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Laptop computer bags

By definition, a notebook practical utility stays in its portability, which primarily depends on its weight and size. Nevertheless, very often we forget that the purchase of a laptop ends with the purchase of a good laptop bag , being it a computer messenger bag, laptop computer bags or even a computer backpack. Indeed, a notebook and all the data and information it contains are continuously carried around because of work, school or university. A laptop goes through many places: house, office, train, airplane and so on. That's why buying a good laptop bag is a must.

How to choose a good computer bag? If you are about to buy or give a laptop bag, you will probably find this article useful. Also, do not forget that you can always contact us for our advice.

In our online gift shop you will find many computer bags: the trendy Piquadro laptop bags, the modern Nava design backpack, the indestructible Tumi bags and the functional Roncato trolley. A good choice has to be based on good criteria such as the comfort, the design, the seize and the accessories. Looking at our wide selection of business bags, please consider those questions we would ask you in one of our shops:

  1. What are you going to carry?

    Please do not consider only your laptop size, but also the number and type of accessories you usually bring with it. The bigger the laptop and the higher the number of accessories, the bigger (and heavier) the bag, of course. Hence, keep an eye on the distances (better a laptop briefcase or a computer backpack?) and whether you travel a lot by plane (if you are going to buy a wheeled computer bag are you sure it fulfils the cabin luggage restrictions?)

  2. How do you use it?

    Are you using your laptop bag only to safely carry your notebook or you use it only for a tablet? Maybe a laptop messenger bag or a shoulder pocketbook is enough. Do you usually carry documents? Maybe only one gusset is enough. Are you looking for a designer business bag for women ? We have many computer bags for women that do not even look like a briefcase!

  3. What's your style?

    At the end of the day, the choice will always depend on your style. Are you more elegant or urban? Do you like more a shoulder bag or a briefcase? It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, if you are a student or a businessman, because here at Comelity.com you will certainly find a good computer bag that fits your style

- Choose your designer notebook bag -

Briefcase for laptop

Laptop briefcases offer a professional look and allow you to carry your laptop as well as your paperwork and sometimes even a tablet. They are the traditional computer bags you would carry by hand. However they usually come with a removable shoulder strap, to increase their portability.

Laptop messenger

Laptop messenger and shoulder pocketbook are certainly more modern and contemporary. The first ones are capacious shoulder bag that can safely store a laptop; the second ones are compact crossbody bags suitable for carrying only tablets. Both are more compact and perfect for those who heavily rely on the public transportation.

Computer Backpacks

Computer backpacks are slowly going out of schools and universities and starting entering the offices, becoming very widespread also at work. Ideal for those, who are always on the go, they merge great capability with high portability.

Laptop cases

Laptop or tablet cases represent the best choice when you want to protect your laptop without the need of carrying other stuff with it. If you are looking for the maximum protection, you may want to use both a laptop case together with a computer bag.

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