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Here at we do not aim to "just" sell you some stuff. We truly want to create a full shopping experience. That is why we created specialized shops-in-the-shop, where to aggregate products, news, information, depending on certain passions (craftsmanship, collectors), events (Christmas gifts, Valentine gifts, etc.), topics (i.e. retirement gifts.). Keep an eye on the corners you like and the temporary ones we will advertise in our homepage A corner is a virtual place that examines in-depth a certain topic, brand, passion. Our focus will be always on the professional, on the worker, on the student and this will drive our editors.

We will have two permanent corners (one will be about the handcrafted products we offer, the other one will be dedicated to the collectors) and many other temporary corners.

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The Craftsmanship shop craftsmanship

The collectors corner Collection and rare products

A corner entirely dedicated to the handcrafted products and, in particular, Italian handcrafted leather bags and accessories. A journey around the Italian peninsula, looking for the best Italian fashion designer and the best design made in Italy , especially when handcrafted. The products will range from the best business bags and handbags made in Vicenza by Zanellato, till the luxury writing instruments handcrafted near Naples by Delta Italy, and going trough Rimini, where the awesome Zoffoli globes are produced. This and much more, with some great product from abroad too.

Think about entering a luxury gift shop and going near the case with the collectors' items. Unique gifts that need an important display. This is our virtual corner dedicated to these products and their passionate: the collectors. Here we put together the most luxury gifts we have, being them either vintage or limited edition. The main protagonist are the collectible pens, especially fountain pens. They are unique brilliant gifts, quite often rare, that catch the attention of passionate from all over the world, pens collectors first. Of course, other collectables objects will be present.

BUSINESS WOMEN business woman accessories

CORPORATE GIFTS corporate gifts

GRAF VON FABER CASTELL Graf von faber castel pens

OFFIE ARTWORK office pictures

Elegant, smart, pragmatic. A collection of designer business bags and accessories for the working women! A corner dedicated to all the women that look for designer work bag, fashion accessories, branded pens and all the other unique and elegant accessories they use in the everyday working life.

When you aim to thank your colleagues or business partners leaving a unforgettable memory, offers you a wide selection of elegant and design gift ideas. Our business gifts will stand out being remembered as precious and functional.

After almost a decade of cooperation, a page entirely dedicated to the fine writing instruments branded Graf von Faber Castell. However, in this corner you will not find just products. The corner includes a area dedicated to the Graf von Faber Castell pens of the year, and also news on the oldest pencil producer in the world.

In a gift shop with a strong focus on the professionals, students and workers, a corner dedicated to the home office design ideas is a must. This corner is specialized on the office artwork, in order to provide you with great ideas for office paintings that will improve your working place.


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