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Unique gift ideas. Discover them

If you are looking for unique gift ideas dedicated to the business world, you are in the right place.
This is an online shop entirely dedicated to gifts and accessories for businessmen, professionals, workers and students. Here we brought all the experience we developed in offering them the right product. Here you will find a selection of fine writing instruments, designer work bag, business accessories and home office design products, by which improving your working life or those of a friend or a colleague.

Hence, when you are looking for professional gift ideas, you are in the right place, because here is where we put together a collection of premium, as well as functional gifts. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for birthday gifts, christmas gifts, retirement or graduation gifts; A functional, premium gift will be always highly appreciated and this is exactly the kind of gift you will find in

Furthermore, we care of your gifts and the first impression they will make. For this reason we offer a gift wrapping service that includes also precious greetings cards. Find out more ↓

Shopping guides

Have a look at our page, entirely dedicated to corporate gifting , where to discover a wide selection of elegant and design gift ideas. Receive information about our services: one-to-one advice, free quotation, engraving, embossing and packaging services. On our side are more than 30 years spent supporting our corporate clients in choosing the most appropriated gift to communicate the desired message. Discover them >
If you are the kind of person that works a lot with his business bag and that loves quality and craftsmanship, you cannot miss our collection of genuine leather business bags handmade in Vicenza (Italy). From the core of the Italian leather district comes a collection of leather computer and designer bags for him and for her, that features a uniquely high manufacturing quality.
Discover them >
Are you looking for gift ideas for him ? Is he a professional or a businessman? If you are looking for a birthday gift, a graduation or even a retirement gift, please don't miss this collection of professional gifts for him.
Unique and unexpected gift ideas to accompany with elegance and usability the professional life of the recipient.
Discover them >
When a person close to you graduates, it's time for a proper graduation gift , that reflects the importance of the result achieved. Every year we accumulate further experience about gifts for graduates. Now this experience is at your service. Among the most appreciated gift ideas for graduation are fine writing instruments. A writing instrument, either classic or modern, is always a nice way to open a new professional curse. Discover them >

Gift wrapping service

We care about your gifts
We are an online shop for premium gifts and we aim to offer a premium service.
Hence, selling you a gift is not enough, we strive for the maximum satisfaction also for the person receiving that gift. This is why we adopt a very simple policy:
  1. Standard gift wrapping
    We provide you with a standard gift wrapping for free , to make sure you make a good impression!
  2. Special gift wrapping
    When you want something unique, go for the special gift wrapping. We use special papers and decorations to wrap an unforgettable present!
Do you want to add a greeting card? You can always add it for free!

Our promise

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