Registration Benefits

  1. Speed-up your shopping

    by saving multiple delivery and invoicing addresses, you buy in just one click!

  2. Orders monitoring

    in real time, from your personal account

  3. Wishlists

    where to save the products you dream and to get informed when special offers are available

  4. News, special offers and discounts for the members

    but just on demand! We won't send you any newsletter without your approval.

How it works

Creating an account on is required only to make orders. You can register during the checkout or from the registration page

Registering is easy and no personal information is required: just your email and a password . Only when you will be placing an order, you will be required to provide us with the information needed to process and execute it.

Transparency policy: we guarantee that the e-mail provided with the registration will be used only for those communications related to your orders, unless you decide to subscribe to our newsletter.

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