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We spend very often more time at work than at home. That's why it's worth it to take care of our workplace, investing in office decorating ideas to make it functional, friendly and pleasant.

The experience we developed on a customer base of more than 1.500 firms and professionals, allows us to offer the best home office design ideas.

Here you will find many office gifts and office designs, to make your workplace fitting your taste or to improve those of a friend, relative or colleague. From unique desk accessories, to fancy illuminated globes, to unique wall clocks, to the best office paintings, search among hundreds of office decorating ideas.
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Home office design ideas

In a online gift shop with a strong focus on the professionals, the department dedicated to the home office design , this department, is key. Working in a friendly and functional workplace, that fits one's taste and style is important, as well as interacting with the other colleagues in a pleasant environment makes the daily life at work way easier.

That is why very often office decorating ideas are very successful gifts, that allows you to surprise friends, relatives, working colleagues or even clients and suppliers. Nothing is more appreciated than a useful and indispensable gift, able to ease your working life or to gladden your day.

By having a look at the present selection, entirely dedicated to this kind of office gifts, you won't run out of ideas! Moreover, most of these gifts can be engraved and personalized! In the following we want to present you some office decorating ideas that we believe being great office gifts, either for those who love a modern style or those who prefer a more classical environment.

desk sets

Design Desk Set

Talking about office decor, the first thought is for the office desk sets : desk pad, desk pencil holder, and everything you need on your desk. It's a very effective way to improve a colleague's desk. There are many options, colors and styles, classic or contemporary.
Talking about design desk accessories, other great gift ideas are available, such as unique wall clocks or fancy office decorations .

Design wall clocks

might be the perfect idea to bring a touch of color within a office, especially when walls are too empty. Also, if you are confident enough with your friend's or colleague's taste, you may want to surprise him even more, looking at our office paintings . design wall clocks

office globes

Desk world globes

Globes have a certain connection with everyone's childhood. However, nowadays a design desk globe can truly be a elegant decoration. Many versions exist: from the traditional illuminated globes, till the vintage globes, till more sophisticated modern design globes or bar globes.

Agendas Organizers

Talking about office gifts does not mean talking only about office designs and accessories. An essential working accessory is for sure the personal Agenda Organizer . It can be a weekly or a daily organizer, and also in this case many designs are available. Leather agendas, design agendas, pocket agendas and so on remain one of the most appreciated business gifts. organizers

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