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Kitchen wall clock Smile
Handcrafted wooden wall clock
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Callea Design Design ClocksKitchen wall clock Smile

Handcrafted wooden wall clock

As the other clocks from Callea Design, this wooden wall clock is fully handcrafted in Italy. Callea Design's clocks feature a clean innovative design, as well as a robust and solid construction. The mechanism is completely hidden inside the wooden body of the clock. This way, the clock will always perfectly adhere to the wall. Also, the many available colours will fit with any environment and interior designer needs. Although traditional in its rounded shape, "Smile" is a colorful touch to your walls. Thanks to its colorful clean design, this clock is able to delicately decor a wall.

DIAMETER 30,00 cm | 11,81"Material WoodTrims Metal
SKU 10-005

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Callea Design the perfect solution for the interior design of a house, office or even hall. Callea Design: Artistic crafts since 1967.
Callea Design is a artisan workshop based in Trieste since 1967. The workshop is owned and run by the Callea brothers, who were able to capitalize their passion and craftsmanship in the production of prestigious design wall clocks.
Every Callea clock is handmade in Trieste, Italy. They are entirely made of wood, with metal needles and an obsessive attention for every detail. For example, the mechanism is perfectly hidden by the wooden body of the clock, so that you will never be able to see it, not even from the side. Also, the clocks perfectly adhere to the wall and so on.
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Callea Design

Kitchen wall clock Smile

cod. 10-005


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