Secure payments

Second engagement: maximum security on every transaction, thanks to the most recent technologies (PayPal)

You don’t have to worry about payments online on our website.

They are always processed in the maximum security, so that you will be able to fully enjoy your shopping experience.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

For EU customers only: being us a European firm, all prices shown for EU destinations include VAT . If you are a company with a VAT-number, you will receive an invoice with prices discounted by the VAT.

Why not to worry?

  1. Because experts have already pointed out how online payments, where no human intervention incurs, are safer. This is because your credit card information is immediately encrypted .
  2. Because we employ the most updated technologies offered by the market leader: PayPal.
  3. Because we will never receive any of your credit card information, which will transit through the safe PayPal servers , which employ SSL technologies.
  4. Because also PayPal puts its warranties into the transactions

Sales taxes, customs and duties

In line with our policy, we aim to offer the maximum transparency. We want our customers to exactly know what they are going to pay overall.

For this reason we are happy to offer a duty free policy in most of our destinations. For these countries we will bear all custom duties and nothing else will have to be paid at delivery:

- Europe (EU countries and not)
- United States
- Canada
- Australia
- Singapore
- Mexico
- Japan
- Korea

If you want to ship the items to a different country, where we do not cover the custom duties, we will promptly communicate you the eventual custom duties. You will therefore decide if proceeding with the order or being immediately refunded.

Discounts and coupons

Just one discount or coupon can be applied per order.

Using a discount or a coupon is extremely easy! You just have to enter the code exactly as it appears on the box during the checkout.

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