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For those who are always on the go, traveling elegantly, but also comfortably is a must. Professionals, managers, vendors, who are always moving by car, train, airplane, need the right designer travel luggage in order to avoid a lot of stress, and not just at work, but also on holidays.

This department is dedicated to the travelers, their bags (rolling travel bags, wheeled computer bag, cabin luggage bags, etc.) and also travel accessories (makeup travel bags and garment bags for example).
Piquadro Piquadro trolley
Tumi Tumi trolley
FXT ballistic nylon Tumi nylon bags
Nava Design Nava design travel
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Cabin size luggages

If you are looking for a Ryanair hand luggage , keep in mind these sizes:
If you are looking for a Easyjet baggage , keep in mind these sizes:

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