We created Comelity for those who are in search of fresh and exclusive ideas for corporate or graduation gifts. Comelity offers practical and high-quality goods that will help new graduates to challenge daily routine and open new world full of opportunities and adventures.

Classic, practical and individual, a writing instrument maintains the position of useful and prestigious gift providing truly gratifying experience for you and your colleague or graduate. In his pocket or in her bag, on the table or in the hand, this graduation gift will be with your dearest person everywhere and always.

Comelity offers a wide range of luxury high-end pens from world known pen manufacturers. We represent carefully selected collections of pens and accessories from such brands as Aurora, Delta, Faber Castell, Fabriano Boutique, Giorgio Fedon 1919, Markiaro, Napkin, Nava Design, Parker, Piquadro, Porsche Design and Vittorio Martini. Our pen selections are suited to provide excellent choice for holiday, corporate or graduation gifts – individual tool reflecting the future of your dearest person.



Faber Castell

Giorgio Fedon 1919

Graf von Faber-Castell




Nava design



Porsche design

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